Verdant North’s guide to Impacting Climate! Things you can do!

Verdant North’s guide on Impacting Climate

This is the digital list of things covered in episode 3 of the Verdant North Podcast. Feel free to share this info around, and thanks for doing your part to make the world a little better!

Did you know the USA has the biggest carbon footprint per capita? Yes, we are worse than China on a per person level.

So what can you can actually do? This is a list of real things you can do, inspired by my pal Ben Bradley. Just the other day ol’ Benny-poo made a post about choosing the renewable sources option for our electricity bills. Without bitching, he gently noted that Excel Energy offers a renewable sources option, and it only costs about 5$ extra per month on his power bill. He even gave instructions and links. What a great idea Benzo! Leadership skills right there. I’m taking your lead, and running with it.


1)   Water wisdom and quality: Water in the most efficient way possible.


2) Air quality, Greenhouse Gasses and Carbon: (Green House Gasses are produce by our cars, the electricity we use, and things burning.)


3)   Community impacts and other notable ways to control waste:


4)   Country wide and Global things you can do:

  • Contact your state reps and annoy the Capitol. Express your concern about climate change and the way it’ll impact our territory and the world. Tell them how you’d like things to be handled. Tools like ResistBot make it as easy as writing a text and it’ll get faxed directly to your reps.
  • Support businesses that are carbon neutral when you can. Here are companies that are trying to be carbon neutral, you’ll be surprised at the big boys on the list:
  • Take the carbon neutral pledge and measure your individual impact. There are a few companies who will help you figure out your own footprint, and give you great ways to offset your carbon impact by donating to organizations fight that to lower GHG emissions all over the world.  you can buy offset credits with these resources from the united nations:
  • Learn about the rainforest and how it is a HUGE carbon fixing part of our planet. Donate to places that work to protect the rainforest and give farmers in tropical countries help as they switch to sustainable crops:
  • Support your National and State Parks and their conservation efforts. Go drive around the badlands and grasslands in SD! Go feed donkey in the Black Hills! Camp in a yurt in MN! Canoe in the Lake of the Woods! Go fishing and enjoy the lovely lakes up north. Take a hike. Soak it in while you got it. Just remember to leave it cleaner than you found it. Pack it in, pack it out.
  • Take a crazy vacation where you do a little eco volunteering. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about another culture and make some international FB friends.

This is a big list of options, but it is by no means comprehensive. Do a little research for your home town and try out something that works for you. Have a conversation in your household to see what seems reasonable for you to try. Think about what you can do inside the house, what you can do in your yard, think about your community efforts, and make use of the fact that you can contact your local and national reps in a dozen different ways.

We can all try to do a little something. Don’t be overwhelmed, pick 3 things to try now and work some projects into your future. Spread the word and thanks everyone for listening/reading!


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