Podcast Episode 11: Falloween Special! Apple Drinks, Dog Farts & Top 10 Fall Things You Should Do

Welcome to Verdant North: The podcast that tells you how to keep your mums from turning into mummies!
The high caliber people that cackle and consume craft cocktails while keeping you current with cool weather content.

In this special FALLOWEEN EPISODE we discuss our spooky plans, hit you with a list of 10 fall things to do, and get tipsy with cider based beverages. Thanks for Tuuuuuu~uuuuuuning in to this episode of VERDANT NORTH!

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A special thanks to Volkanus for letting us use their music!
Visit their YouTube Channel here: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_IChSttCWClXsvqg8wKoA
Also, check out their rivals, Prozac Rat – prozacrat.bandcamp.com/

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